Hello, 2017

We survived 2016!

It's a new year. For me, it's also a new decade (hello thirties, goodbye twenties) and a new apartment (hello Indiana, goodbye Germany). And goodbye Blog Holiday!

The Blonde Engineer is a little over a year old. As it grows, the focus continues to change and shift. This past year, I've written a lot about living abroad and traveling in Europe. While I'm back in the States for the foreseeable future, there were several trips I just didn't have the time to write about. I don't want to lose those memories or miss the chance to provide insights and recommendations on those places, so while my feet might be back on the ground, blog posts on travel will still be coming. There's also books (rereading The Stand and that will need some attention), movies, television. Occasional workplace gossip and thoughts on politics, though I'll try to find positivity where I can.

I'm grateful for the good parts of 2016 - getting to live somewhere totally new and different, getting to travel across Europe and share some of that with friends, family, and colleagues. Learning more about myself and growing as an engineer and business analyst. Parts of 2016 sucked but, hey, new year, new apartment, new decade.

Vacation over, time to get to work. What's next?