Weekly Roundup, January 6th

Here we go! Here's to the first Roundup of 2017.

- Before we totally say goodbye to 2016, NPR looks at 7 women who made the most of their year.

- The upcoming administration is probably not going to be awesome for women. Here are concrete steps you can take to protect reproductive rights in 2017.

- Another for the ladies: The Cut looks at women who made a major career change, or a 'second act.' Honestly, I really enjoy my job, but I could see myself making a major change once the student loan burden is taken care of and I feel like I've learned and grown as much as I can in my role. Saving this for the future.

- In case you have something career-oriented on your 2017 To Do list, here's a major mistake women make at work - continuing to treat it like school. Turns out, no one is waiting to give you your A plus or valedictorian badge.

- Now, for something way more frivolous: Vulture prepares us for television to look forward to in the new year. Personally, I'm ready for the final season of Girls and all those Young Pope ads HBO ran were effective. I might finally have to check in on Scandal again (I abandoned it in season three) and am honestly thrilled about a new season of Planet Earth. Big Little Lies wasn't my favorite book but the show looks fun (Reese needs to have a good time already) and hell yes to more Fargo and Veep and a decent Handmaid adaptation.

- Fun with a bit of practical, Thrillist rounds up the best free stuff on the internet, for all those new year's resolutions.

- There's a lot of 'end of year' things running around the past couple of weeks, but all the lists at GFY are worth a peruse, if you need something to read to make it to the end of the day.