Weekly Roundup, January 20th

Chances of apocalypse today? Crossing my fingers, pressing my thumbs. Until then let's check out some links.



This round up is entirely political, because what else is there today? But first, Pajiba had a great Obama-centric Pajiba love. I'm just going to reference it instead of blatantly copying. Really going to miss having such a nerd in charge of things.

- Do you have Instagram? If not, well you missed out on a chance to follow White House photographer Pete Souza. I don't know what to expect from his Insta feed now but lately it's been a lovely reflection on a great eight years. Some of these photos are going to be in history books and we'll be seeing them the rest of our lives.

- One thing our former President was a huge proponent of: books. Seeing as our new President doesn't like books and, who knows, maybe is even illiterate, let's take a minute to revisit the Obama recommendations. I've read a few but he's given me plenty to add to my to read list.

- Will we ever have such a classy, elegant, and scandal-free first family again? Here's hoping.

- And one more instance of eloquence and intelligence. Here's Obama's letter to the nation. Sure, most of it is a subtweet to Trump (especially the emphasis on 'we') but it's also the truth. Love you, please don't leave us, etc.

- How quickly until the incoming administration takes credit for everything accomplished by Obama? Leaving this here as a reminder of where things were before Agent Orange took office.

- Speaking of, here's a nice way to keep track of the bullshit.

- I don't have the energy or capacity to really summarize the terrible things coming from the new administration this week. However, one thing that particularly surprised me: plans to entirely eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts. What an ugly, ugly country they want to create. Taking millions of people off healthcare? Okay, sure, that's what the assholes ran on. Time to revisit the propaganda out of Nuremberg as that's what we're about to be left with.

- To end on something kind of sort of positive, Zillow has a fun look at the White House. Hope it can house Fuckface and his ego.