Weekly Roundup, March 17th

Happy Friday! I just finished my fourth week at the new job. Woohoo.

This tiramisu played a small part in my decision to move here.

This tiramisu played a small part in my decision to move here.

Here we go!

I tried to minimize the political links but it's hard, guys. Here's what I found.

- RBG turned 84 this week. Please live forever. Or at least until 2021.

- NY Mag has the best travel shoes. As someone who spent a lot of 2016 on her feet around Europe, this is where you want to spend your money for the best. There's nothing sadder than skipping out on a night in Amsterdam because you're dumb feet hurt.

- Slate suggests that, given new movies like Beauty and the Beast and La La Land, we should start thinking about dubbing movie stars again. They can't all be Audra McDonald or Anne Hathaway. Remember Russel Crowe in Les Miserables? Personally, I think the imperfect voices in La La Land added to the movie's charm. BatB, on the other hand... 

So that's it, my half-assed attempt to avoid politics. Here we go!

- To start off with the good: The Pod Save America guys did a Reddit AMA. While these haven't been as popular lately (I don't think any candidates did one in 2016), these guys have been a good voice for Democrats so far into the Trump Administration.

- The Cut looks at what really matters with this new travel ban (that was just smacked down in court as well): The Bachelor couple! While this is a silly example, it does give a real (and white) face to a piece of the problem.

- Friendly reminder from Pajiba that Trump can't take a joke and has no sense of humor. Let's just rewatch old Obama White House Correspondents' Dinners and be grateful we don't have to suffer through one of those from Fuckface von Clownstick this year.

- Oh look, the new Republican healthcare plan (I guess we're blaming Ryan and going with Ryancare) is a real pile of garbage. And NPR reminds how shitty the state of healthcare is today, focusing on cancer patients.

- Amid reports of slashing EPA budget (along with appointing maybe the worst person to run the EPA), large sections of the Great Reef are dead. Well, I'm really glad we have those BBC Earth specials.

- For anyone who are still thinking Jared and Ivanka might save us...

- Along with geniuses like Scott Pruitt and Betsy DeVos, Trump is also appointing lots of men and that guy who said we were doing fine, just before the biggest financial disaster since the Great Depression.

- Finally, in case anyone forgot that the Republican party was the party of the racist and homophobic and Islamophobic way before Trump showed up, let's take a look at Steve King (who should not be confused with poor Stephen King).