Weekly Roundup, March 24th

And here we go again.

Pictured: one of my favorite restaurants in Indianapolis. Think they'll deliver to RI?

Pictured: one of my favorite restaurants in Indianapolis. Think they'll deliver to RI?

- In keeping with this week's earlier theme of Beauty and the Beast, let's check in with the careers of Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe. Vulture suggests that they went in two very different directions - one stardom, the other transformation. Whatever, I'm just proud of them in a very unwarranted way.

- Also on the BatB thread, Katey Rich over at Vanity Fair suggests we stop worrying and love the remake. I actually really like her argument. Yes, Disney, take my money, but if you give me two hours of joy, that's fine. And also, a plug for Fighting in the War Room, one of Katey's podcasts that's a source of entertainment (in awards season, check out Little Gold Men as well).

- And one more BatB-related link, because when you break a bunch of BO records, you deserve it. The Observer has a hilarious take on why Belle should have chosen Gaston, starting with just basic comparison of personality and talents and ending with the fucking French Revolution. Personally, while I sometimes enjoy seeing the other guy win, I still prefer the Beast, historical context aside.

- Here's the latest poster (or first?) for the upcoming Dark Tower movie. So friggin' excited. Maybe not as excited since Beauty and the Beast

- Thanks to an email alert from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, I was instantly notified when a stolen Van Gogh returned. NYT explores the story behind the infamous caper.

- Okay, I don't have the energy to do a political roundup this week. It's all terrible! Just listen to the Pod Save America guys and Jake Tapper! But let's just sum it up with this Joe Biden clip. PS, apparently at one point there is a dog named Biden and that just went on my future cat names list.