Weekly Roundup, March 31st

And it's the end of March. Time, it flies.

TBT, wine with my mom the day before I moved to the East Coast.

TBT, wine with my mom the day before I moved to the East Coast.

- I'm thoroughly enjoying the HBO take on Big Little Lies, especially Reese Witherspoon's character. Unexpectedly one of the best parts though? The music. Vogue investigates ahead of this weekend's finale.

- Speaking of Vogue, let's check in with the Fug Girls on international covers. Mexico's might be my fave. Also, friendly reminder that we're in the finale stages of Fug Madness.

- I've read the book twice and even seen the miniseries but I'm still stupid excited about this and jumping at the trailer: Stephen King's IT.

- The world is a garbage fire but Pajiba brings you this little girl hugging what she thinks is a robot to make your day a little brighter.

- Okay, after following along closely the first couple of seasons, I abandoned The Mindy Project. It was just really inconsistent. Sorry, Mindy! But Vulture takes a look at what to hope for from the series for it's upcoming sixth and final season. I'll catch up, eventually!

Wired offers a silver lining - Trumps shitty speeches are helping people learn English! This is what happens when you have the vocabulary of a five year old.