Weekly Roundup, April 14th

Time, it flies.

Girls ends its run this week. And while I'm ready to say goodbye to Lena and her cohorts and embrace the wine and frivolity of Big Little Lies, let's take a moment for what Hannah created. The Cut suggests that Shosh might have her shit together the most.

- In a similar vein, Vulture takes a stab at a Hannah goodbye letter. We're a couple of days away from the finale and here is where we are. I think we'll end up with some type of epilogue, putting us five years in the future with a summary of each character. My brother thinks we'll have more of an end of the beginning/beginning of the end type of thing, where Hannah meets her next group of friends. Honestly, I hope he's right. That's much more interesting.

- Jezebel and I are on the same page here: please no to a season two of Big Little Lies. I loved season one. But! It was a tiny little story. It should not be continued. Some anthology with the same actresses and a new story? Yes please. But, to be honest, Liane is not the best author and I could see her running into this for the money and attention. Don't do it Liane!

- In other news, it might be a good time to know your traveler rights.

- Looking for a last minute gift? Everyone could use a good coffee table book.

- I'm currently a catless cat lady and have 'consider getting a cat' on my to do list. Until then, here's a cat lady who lives with over a thousand cats. Goals I guess?

- NY Mag looks at the response to the crisis in Syria as a reminder that Democrats and Republicans are playing very different games. Hint: one side has ideologies and goals, the other side just wants to win. And that Russia business continues to look very, very questionable.

- Also, Eric Trump is really, really stupid. This administration continues to not understand the difference between what you keep on the DL and what you have a press conference about.

- And can someone please to explain to the Christian right that Republicans are not their party? Today's example, the Governor of Alabama!

- For some of that German word I can't spell or pronounce, that guy who told Obama he lied at the SOTU, well a bunch of his constituents showed up at his town hall and returned the favor.

- Quartz offers an interesting look on that character Hillary character Stephen was so aware of.

- Obama is expected soon in Berlin. I'm sure Angela is excited. Can I go to Berlin too?

- In the wake of more kids getting shot and killed while at school, Vox takes another look at gun violence.

- Here are this year's Pulitzer prize winners. Spoiler alert: most of them hate our president.

- Before you complain about something something bootstraps, here's a reminder about the actual usage of Food Stamps in this country.

- In the category of 'things we can't get back after Trump is no longer in office': the Great Barrier Reef!

- One of my favorite stories of the past few weeks: a coal mining museum is using solar energy, because it's more efficient. But please, tell me more how this is an economic problem.

- Pete Souza continues to be the best. You don't know what you had until it's gone.

- In slightly better news, Bill O Reilly is finally losing sponsors. Can't happen soon enough.