Weekly Roundup, April 7th

Here we go.

- I'm loving The Americans (currently on season two) and, just in time, Paste offers ten books to read if you're really into the spy drama.

- Before this week's finale, Vulture revisits Madeline's best one-liners. Man, I am going to miss Reese in this. The plot was whatever but that was a great season of interesting, complex, and exceedingly well-acted adult women. More please! And then the Jezebel crew chats about the finale. Ditto to all of it, basically. Reese at her Tracy Flick-best.

- NPR looks at a nice book that throws statistics at great literature. Super interesting article. It reminded me that I might need to buy this book and that I really love Edith Wharton.

- The Globe breaks down just how tone-deaf and terrible that already-infamous Pepsi ad is. I didn't see the thing until late Wednesday, reading about the reactions on Twitter all day first. And damn, it was still worse than I imagined.

- An NBC writer wakes up at five every morning and loves it. Personally, I naturally get up between 5 and 6. Even on weekends. I guess genetics? I don't know but it works better for me on the weekdays. I like being the first one in the office, to beat the traffic and get a couple of cups of coffee before the colleagues start coming in with their small talk and to do lists. And when I travel, there's nothing better than being out the door by 6:30, the first person in Time Square or at Notre Dame for the day. There's an intimacy to a big city in the early morning hours that doesn't exist any other time.

- Vox talks to a data scientist at the Crisis Text Line about how they're using data to improve their services and spot people who are more high-risk. I found it interesting, so here you go.

- This went viral early this week but a friendly reminder that Islam didn't invent religious extremes.

- Pajiba looks at what the Daria gang is up to today.

- The annual fun of Fug Madness reaches its end. Spoiler alert: Dicapri pants are always going to get it done.

- No political links this week. Just assume everything is terrible. But really, following NYT and WaPo, listen to an NPR station. Get off Facebook and Twitter. Stay informed.