Weekly Roundup, April 21st

First up, Girls ended its six year run this Sunday. So, I have plenty of links related to Hannah and her cohorts...

- First, Slate takes a look at the sex scenes and how Girls it was. Trust me, if you know the show, you know that means. You probably also aren't surprised at what's at the top of the list...

Wired looks at the internet's relationship with the think pieciest of shows.

- Huffington Post offers a Huffington Post-like response to the finale - stealing the reactions from Twitter.

Vulture just flat-out ranks each episode. Spoiler alert: the finale comes in at number ten (personally, that feels a little high) and that Marnie-centric episode from last season comes in at number one. I don't know that that would be my ranking but I see where they're coming from.

- Also, from Vulture, take a look at the first and last appearances for each major character. Most impressed by that chick from Now and Then.

- And a slight deviation, we have Vanity Fair taking a look at the final moments of each character. I'm mostly posting this for the gifs and Elijah's iconic "eat a dick." Truer last words were never spoken.

I didn't mean for this to happen, but I think I'm going to let this week be totally Girls-centric. I had some links about politics/news (wow, rural and urban inhabitants are totally divided, Trump really doesn't know what he's doing, etc.) but let's just enjoy six seasons of fun millennial frivolty, from a priveledged rich white girl. I'm in.