Weekly Roundup, April 28th

Here we go again...

Okay, after a bit of a break, I think all of this week's tweets are political. Sorry, it's been a real shitshow. And we're at 100 days of zero accomplishments, nepotism, and golf!

- Vox confirms that "Trump voters" are overrated and not worth the media attention they're currently getting. You're preaching to the choir, Vox.

- Jezebel is here to remind everyone that Ivanka Trump is totally unqualified for her position and not the savior everyone seems so desperate to make her.

- Similarly, boo away, German friends. And thanks for asking her a real, honest, and difficult question.

- WaPo annotates that troubling AP interview with the President of the United States. I've seen dementia patients on Grey's Anatomy make more sense. 

- In honor of Earth Day last week and the Climate March on Saturday, here are the National Parks Trump has put 'under review.' Enjoy them while they last, Exxon is coming.

- Last week, Bernie Sanders suggested reproductive rights aren't a deal-breaker for Democrats. Well, here's a refresher on how abortion is an economic issue, not just a social one.

- An interesting internet thing this week: Chelsea Clinton is getting attacked by trolls for being pleasant on Twitter (no, really) while men bend over backwards to defend Ivanka Trump's role in the White House, based solely on who her father is. Side note: Ivanka has reached Bitch Eating Crackers for me and I"m embracing this view. But in a more productive fashion, Pajiba considers why we have such a different reaction to these two women. Hint: it's sexism.

To wrap up the political section on a positive note, here are just a bunch of pictures of Barack and Michelle Obama.

And a couple more:

- It's not just ACLU and Planned Parenthood out there, Vox reminds.

- Okay, this is totally off topic, but I've fallen into a serious Leftovers hole in the past few weeks. I enjoyed the first season and the book but couldn't find the time for season two. But now I'm all caught up and on the edge of my seat to find out what happens. It is a ride. This week, they somehow managed to make the fucking Wu Tang Clan poignant. Six more episodes left!

- Finally, The Handmaid's Tale adaptation kicked off this week. I reread the book last year and it's as timely as ever. I'm only one episode in to the Hulu version and so far I'm impressed by the acting and the cinematography but mostly just disturbed by how mirrored it is by real life. But first, Vulture looks at the deviations from the sacred source material and Jezebel asks the really important question: what must the men think?