Weekly Roundup, June 16th

There is a winery near me named after cats. That is all.

There is a winery near me named after cats. That is all.

Let's kick it off with some life/career advice for young women.

- First up, HuffPo compiles "20 Essential Truths Women That Woman Over 50 Want to Share." Sure, I'll take it. None of these are surprising. But the trick is to remember them and put in the effort. Thoughts for the weekend!

- And here's some advice from an editor at Shondaland, because they seem to know what they're doing. Several of her points hit home. I'm not committing to the book, but this article made me add to my Amazon Wish List.

Now for a dash of politics.

- First up, let's talk about misogyny in politics. Real talk- I don't like Bernie Sanders. I didn't like him during the primary and his behavior lately has not improved my opinion of him. But what's super frustrating? That Twitter cogent who insists Hillary sit down and shut up and stop talking about the election, while exulting the merits of a guy who couldn't even win a primary. I agree the Democrats/Progressives need to come together, stop rehashing 2016, but before we do that we need to talk about how differently we treat women in politics because they, more so than goddamn white men, are the Democrat's backbone.

- Idiots are up in arms over a new production of Julius Caesar because the guy who plays Julius kind of sort of looks like Trump. These guys have obviously never (1) read the play (or its Wiki page) or (2) paid attention to art, ever. Where were they when a similar Obama-centric version took place in 2012? Nowhere because Conservatives liked it and Liberals understood the first amendment and the power of art. And the point of the play. Oskar Eustis also some thoughts. If I'm going to take a side between the guy who gave us Hamilton and the guy who gave us Alex Jones...

- Here's example 35908 of the President breaking basic ethical rules, especially the kind he derided Clinton and Obama for for years.

- Google has definitive proof - everyone is a little bit racist sometimes. Especially Americans.

And a welcome pop culture break!

- The Tony's were this past weekend. I wasn't nearly as invested this year as I was last year, but it's always a good time and everyone just seems to like everyone and have a good time. First, we've got the highlights of the evening. And Vox counts down the best Tony's performances. Ugh, I just really, really love musicals and live theater.

- For a very different Tony, here's an oral history on one of the biggest deaths in television, Adriana in season five of the Sopranos.

- The podcast industry is about to get very analytical. Watch this space.