Weekly Roundup, June 2nd

Here we go again.

Three months into my Rhode Island move and so far the food is one of the best parts.

Three months into my Rhode Island move and so far the food is one of the best parts.

Slate has a compilation of film scenes and the painting that inspired them. All are really lovely and I mostly just want more.

- In good news, Vox reports that abortion hit an all-time low. Thanks, Obama. Similarly, Salon revisits TV's questionable history of discussing the controversial topic.

- Hillary Clinton gives her first big interview since the election. I recommend reading it when President Bigly is not on a Twitter rant unless you're a masochist. In the same vein, Buzzfeed talks to the thirty year old who goes through all those Clinton letters, offering an insight into Clintonworld post-2016.

- Let's get technical for a minute: Wired offers the oral history of the hashtag (hashtag blessed) and Android's next big thing (to sum up: CTRL C + CTRL V).

- For your weekend entertainment, Pajiba ranks Netflix original series. Be warned - last weekend I wallowed in a Kimmy Schmidt hole that I mostly regret. NYT gives their summer reading list. I recently joined a book club and, for it, read A Man Called Ove. And by read, I mean gobbled up in a weekend. Check it out but bring tissues.

- More importantly, the finale of the Leftovers is this weekend. Eventually I'll get around to a post on this show but it's one of the best I've seen in years, maybe since The Sopranos or Mad Men. It's beautiful and inventive and spontaneous. I'm going to miss it, and Justin Theroux, so much. Uproxx looks at its best moments. Fuck, I'm going to miss this show so much.

- Finally, some political roundups. Real talk, I'm still pissed about that Paris bullshit. But that's not all! Here's a look at the loneliness of trump. I especially like the Great Gatsby reference. Very apt.