June 30th, Weekly Roundup

Excuse me while I freak out that it's already the end of June. Halfway into my thirtieth year and I still can't figure out time.

We're at the bottom of the barrel now - I made this in my kitchen.

We're at the bottom of the barrel now - I made this in my kitchen.

Here we go!

- Lin-Manuel Miranda has introduced to the internet Ham4All, to get famous people to sing Hamilton songs and everyone else to donate to immigrant-supporting charities in hopes to win Hamilton swag. It's effective - they've got my money. The videos are fun and come from all corners of pop culture. My fave so far is from the ladies of The Beguiled with some fun cameos, though the timing of all of this is very confusing to me.

- One more nod to the Ham guys - they've got a music video! Sure, the Mixtape came out last year. But today's atmosphere could use the message. Great job, everyone.

- The twentieth anniversary of the publication of the first book of Harry Potter hit this week. Freak out accordingly. The Ringer ranks everything HP by everything. Here's the original NYT book review, which made me aware of the fact that JK was my age when she started the first book and, damn, do I have a ways to go. It just literally changed the world.

- For something dramatically different, our real-life Big Brother, Google, has some interesting insight into Americans. Hint: we're liars.

- The answer might be boring: c-sections. But the graphics are fun and unique and half my friends are pregnant right now: why are most babies born at 8 am?

- And after they have the babies, NYT asks, are women allowed to love their jobs? Personally, I really, really like my job, but I keep thinking I should *love* my job, like I would do it for free if I was millionaire, would chose it over love and marriage and babies.

- Living on the coast and half the country away from the Midwest again, this article on buying plane tickets gave me anxiety.

- When did words stop having meanings? Samantha Bee investigates. Spoiler alert: you can blame people whose last name is 'Trump.'

- I'm in spoiler alert frame of mind, but, spoiler alert: a Clinton presidency wouldn't be all sunshine and roses, either. Infinitely better, sure.

- From Vox - what conservatives know about climate change that liberals don't.

- Has America ever been greater? Flashback back Friday, to this day two years ago, when we legalized same sex marriage.

- The best arguments for the ACA and against the BRCA/ACHA are found on Twitter. Hey, if it's good enough for POTUS...

And to end on a positive note... The Leftovers offers the best FYC ad yet. Please nominate this show for everything.