July 14th, Weekly Roundup

Well that escalated quickly.

I need to take more pictures of drinks.

I need to take more pictures of drinks.

First, the not-so-bad.

- PSA, Game of Thrones is starting up this weekend. So excited! Until then, here's Kit Harrington auditioning for every other character.

- As part of CNN's 90's celebration, NY Mag takes us back to Elaine, heroine of the feminist movement. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

- Famous ladies offer their favorite books, for your summer reading list.

- These are just cool - take a look at the pictures from the International Drone contest.

- More cool stuff - the San Francisco MOMA will respond to your tweets!

- The Fug Girls look at Christina Aguilera through the years, fashion-wise. And I am suddenly transported back to middle school. Hit me baby one more time! Or something like that.

- Confession: I love both wine and Sideways, so this is all for me. NPR looks at how the wine snob film has impacted the industry.

- Last week, I got really excited about the Amelia Earhart story. Well, maybe that was fake news.

- I wasn't sure if this went under 'not-so-bad' or 'terrible' but it's certainly art, so we'll leave it here - a photographer snaps Marines before, during, and after their duty.

Now, the terrible.

First up in terrible links, the G20 was this weekend. And we managed to be extra embarrassing. There was the time we briefly entered monarch territory (seriously, there wasn't a single Senate-approved official available?).

And all the Don Jr. news is baffling. He's new levels of stupid and incompetent, with a dash of greed and entitlement. If someone wrote this in a Hollywood screenplay, the editor response would be: too obvious, not believable. They really are that incompetent. Someone on Twitter said it best - it's House of Cards with the characters from Arrested Development. In general, the Bluthes are an apt reference. WaPo is here to let you know who's who in these new developments. It's also especially entertaining to revisit all the times Senior derided the Russian allegations. 

And a friendly reminder that our President cares more about his delicate ego than the country itself.

Happy Friday!