July 28th, Weekly Roundup

I've been MIA lately following a visit from my mom (waves to Mom) and some business at work. This week's list will probably be a little light but back to real stuff next week.

The Cut's advice column was especially useful this go around, looking at an over analysis of Facebook/Instagram/etc. that I am all too guilty of.

- Admission: I didn't read a single Jane Austen novel until freshman year of college, when I took a Jane Austen course and read all of them. She had an anniversary last week and Vox takes a look at where each novel shines. Overall, my fave is probably Emma. Or Sense and Sensibility. But there is Pride and Prejudice and that Keira Knightely adaptation is definitely my favorite... Oh screw it, they're all great.

- Here are the biggest celebrity breakups from the year you were born. My year kind of sucks, to be honest, but I vividly remember the breakups of the last twenty years in a way that makes me feel very old.

- In general the news out of Washington this week was comprised solely of garbage fire. There was the terrible "Mooch" interview and the depraved healthcare vote, with John McCaind continuing to be totally made up of bullshit. But the thing that saddened me the most, besides millions of people potentially lose healthcare, were the terrible remarks from the President to a bunch of Boy Scouts. I feel bad for people who have to raise children in this era. I promise kiddos, this isn't what a President usually looks like! Check out this Obama clip on Youtube!

- Happy Anniversary, Mad Men, we really miss quality, dense television.

- To end on a happy note, here are some great pictures of Obama. Enjoy your weekend.