July 7th, Weekly Roundup

It's July! I hope everyone had a great holiday week, got too much sun, and drank too much beer. 'Merica.

Here is some fun stuff:

Game of Thrones is starting up soon and it can't come soon enough. Aside from The Leftovers shaped hole I currently have in my life, I'm looking forward to some major national distraction. And good news - next season, its last, might be feature-length.

- It's my first Fourth of July in New England and I may have missed the brief takeover of the holiday by Taylor Swift.

- Here's a 1936 guide to living on your own and I am here for literally all of it. Single women unite, or something like that.

- I'm completely obsessed with this story - apparently Amelia Earhart may have been imprisoned by the Japanese!?!?!

- This past month, I've burned through several books on the beach (and layers of skin, to be totally honest). Luckily, Vulture is here to replenish your Amazon Wish List.

- I'm sorry, Tobey Maguire for life. I don't understand why we keep getting new Spidermans (men?) with new origin stories. I'm gonna blame this guy for kicking off the unrelenting spate of comic book films. But here they are, anyway.

- Some nice news, and a reminder the rest of the world will move ahead without America, from Volvo - the company is committing to hybrid or electric vehicles. I drove a Volvo when I was in Germany and kind of loved it, though after five years with a Prius, I can't imagine life any other way.

- One more nice thing before we get into the terrible - Colbert used Twitter this holiday to remind us of actual American Greatness.

And now everything that's terrible! I don't know about you, but with Fourth of July, this week seemed extra rough. At one point I caught up on The Bachelorette. I just needed something frivolous and non-terrifying. But that's over, so here are the highlights (lowlights)?

- The worst of Reddit has the President's attention. Awesome!

- Don't worry too much - POTUS sure isn't. I get President's have to be at least 35, but maybe it's time for an age restriction on the other end of the spectrum. Looking at you, Bernie 2020 people.

- Stupid GIFs aside, something truly troubling - Sinclair media. John Oliver is here to remind us why this really matters.

- A DOJ official quit this week and it looks like we failed the grand 'run the country like a business' experiment in just six excruciating months.

- A startling opinion piece from Ezra Klein - America the Diminished.

- Some good news - most states are ignoring the terrifying voter suppression initiative from the White House.

- On Fourth of July, NPR tweeted out the Declaration of Independence. And some Trump supporters were apparently not getting it. While that's entertaining and kind of sad, Pajiba is here to rain on the parade. Apparently, there were only a few of these guys and one, though he might be an Obama-bashing Trump fan, actually handled it in stride and made it harder to mock him. Dammit!

- Some free advice, don't bring the Holocaust or concentration camps into an argument, if you can help it. On a personal note, I visited Dachau a few years ago and if your inclination in a place like that is to politicize it, you're a fucking asshole.

- There have been so many news stories this week, but this one may have made me roll my eyes the hardest. Nikki Haley complained about having to work on a holiday. I miss the days of government work being considered public service and an honor (Hamilton assures me they happened!. I mean, I had better work ethic when I was a cashier at a pizza place in high school.

- Finally, have some fun and also get a quick education - can you spot fake news? Seriously, this has never been a more useful skill.

- PS, this Pajiba article really hit home for me. A writer defriends her dad on Facebook. While my own father's Facebook habits are mostly a-political, I find myself posting stories with my Trump-supporting, never-engaging cousins in mind, telling myself just one magical Washington Post will convince them. This is dumb. And are the pictures of their cute kids really worth the mental anguish I create for myself?