August 25th, Weekly Roundup

It's Friday! Last week was a little bleak, so I skipped a weekly roundup. Some of the links but be a little stale but still important.


Here we go!

- CNN listed all the garbage news out of the White House for the past four weeks. It's mind boggling and a great reminder of how distorted time seems since January 20th. Also - I sincerely miss people bitching about Obama's tan suits and mustard habits. It's also from the third week in August so who knows what new horrors have popped between publishings. Editor's Note: Something dramatic that happened - that horrible, vile, totally insane speech in Phoenix, for one.

- The Vice documentary heard round the world. From Charlottesville.

- This news is a bit old but still sad, though not surprising, to see what the GOP is doing to my former home state.

- Colbert and WaPo seem to come to the same conclusion - time to admit Trump is just an old-fashioned racist. Until then, WaPo also wanders what an actual president might have said about Charlotesville.

- Wired confirms that the 'alt-left' is mostly a made-up boogeyman of conservative media.

- Rick and Morty has been excellent this season. Just as smart and witty as ever. Vulture takes a look at all the universes we've introduced so far. Spoiler - it's extensive.

- The trailer for the follow-up to The Lobster recently debuted and it has everything! So excited for this - looking forward to another odd, moody film I can't stop recommending or thinking about.

Okay, GoT time - can't believe the final episode is this week! A few week's old, but Gilly's ignored by Sam (but NOT the internet) revelation of Jon's parentage still had a great reaction.

Slate looks at what has gone wrong with the show. I think it was exemplified in the last episode. Those seven dudes north of the wall, bantering around Brienne and Tormund and teaching me how to pronounce whinging? That was prime Game of Thrones and I could have had an entire season of that. And here's the thing - we probably should have. In the rush for the finish line, there seems to be efficiency in the way of character development and just good storytelling.

Similarly, Vox points out all the questions coming out of the last episode. Because it was a dumb idea, guys. A really, really dumb idea...

Another thing that is really bugging me - the inconsistencies of the white walkers. Look, I'll buy dragons and ice zombies, but you gotta be consistent with your dragons and ice zombies.