August 11th, Weekly Roundup


There are all kinds of problems in Washington, from the man child in the White House to the looming debt ceiling crisis. And, you know, Korea. But here's something you may not be worried about! Really old politicians and all that implies. Spoiler alert - Reagan's Alzheimer's is just the beginning.

But seriously, the debt ceiling is a big deal. Speaker Ryan keeps reminding everyone the last time Republicans were this much in charge, it was the 1920's. Someone's history lesson must have ended with The Great Gatsby.

NYT has a leaked draft of several federal agencies' climate change report. Al Gore and most intelligent people were right, who knew. It's terrifying and worth a read. Maybe just as troubling and in a totally different way - NYT received the draft because the agencies were worried the White House would try to suppress it. We've bypassed party over country and are at coal industry over country, I guess.

A few months ago, Katy Tur was on The Daily Show and she said the moment she thought Trump might be able to win the election was in late 2015, when he shit all over McCain's war record. If anything, service is sacred, right? Nope.

Since I drafted this, he shit all over a totally new sector of public service - ambassadors and diplomatic teams, while trying his hardest to jerk off Putin from New Jersey. Also, he seriously doesn't understand how any of this works or what Putin's actual jurisdiction here is - this doesn't save us any money. And even if it did, it wouldn't make a dent in the money we've spent merely on his family's travel expenses. I miss politicians who did shady stuff and had the shame to at least try to hide it.

Okay so another thing I really don't get - the Trump hotel on DC, which is leased from the government and basically everything about it is illegal. And yet here we are! WaPo makes it an emblem.

DJT Jr is just a young man trying to help out his dad, Ryan Lochte is just a boy fooling around. Vox argues the problem might be more than just Trump.

But seriously, Atlantic asks the big question that I think we have to address before we make any progress - when the hell did America lose its mind?

Here's a funny ad someone at work sent me in response to the North Korea shenanigans this week. But seriously, we're six months in and I'm one more crisis away from finding a therapist or at least an anti-anxiety medication.

Okay, let's dramatically shift gears.

This week, r/askreddit posed the question: what would the differences be if Harry Potter was American? Pajiba rounds up the best but the thread in general is a good time-killer on a Friday afternoon.

A few years ago, I spent a weekend totally sucked into the world of Top of the Lake, an odd but great Australian miniseries. And series two is back, this time with more Brienne and the perfect amount of Nicole Kidman.

Taylor Swift's sexual harassment suit is ongoing this week and she took the stand. And let's pour one out for T Swift, educating the attorneys on where a woman's ass is located and refusing to be victim-shamed.

Look at what the film Hidden Figures is doing! We need more films about women in STEM, probably.

Let's end on a high note: a day camp for transgender kids! Also, I think that 'no transgender people in the military' atrocity is still stalled. We'll take silver linings where we can.