September 8th, Weekly Roundup

It's Friday. There have been two, almost three, once in a lifetime hurricanes, and fire across the West coast, since my last weekly roundup. Good thing none of this is man-made. Donate and volunteer where you can! Please do something more than 'pray' and send 'good thoughts.'

Good wine, great bottle. Let me go read Moby Dick.

Good wine, great bottle. Let me go read Moby Dick.

Here we go.

Look, the Trump administration is a total shit show. And yet the person I find myself focusing on is Ivanka. Her faux feminism bullshit, her pretend liberal optimism. She is peak bitch eating crackers for me, emblematic with everything wrong with our brand-based culture. And then this NYT Op-Ed fell out of the heavens and beautifully summed up it all.

Let's talk about a real feminist and an honestly-intelligent woman for a second, Reese motherfucking Witherspoon. I've liked her since I saw Fear a really long time ago but I appreciate her hard work, her commitment to her woman-led films, and the work she puts into her brand. I think I'm being semi-hypocritical here - Reese wears Draper James as often as Ivanka wears those sheath dresses from China. But one is using the word 'Daddy' and turning an eye to the end of DACA and exit of the Paris Accord while the other is staring in a movie written and directed by a woman. And on the cover of Glamour talking about how woman should embrace ambition. I know which brand of feminism I prefer.

In other 'the world is terrible' news, a college professor is wearing a bulletproof vest to class as his students may be carrying guns. If we all start doing this, maybe we can make the NRA chill? No, they'll probably just start selling bulletproof vests. It looks like the Bill of Rights is missing the 'right to go to public spaces without being shot' amendment.

That rant came out of nowhere. For some good news, NYC is offering free public lunch to all students, the largest organization in this country to do so. Because feeding kids, who can't agree to that? 

End of politics, if you want to skip past all that. But before you go, Fiona warned us twenty years ago that the world was bullshit. She continues to be my emotional mouthpiece. And continues to be not wrong.

In a totally unrelated note, when I moved to the East Coast from the Midwest, my commute went from about ten minutes to about forty-five minutes (this week I had my max ever - 1.25 hours!). And in general it hasn't been the worst - time to plan my day in the morning, time to decompress from the day in the afternoon. Time for podcasts and audio books. But also time for road rage. And the worst might be those jerks in the left lane, going an absurdly low speed. And here's why that is really, really bad!

I'm flying in a few weeks, my first time home since moving. And since I have done so much wine tasting here, I want to bring home wine for friends and family. Here are some tips on that! I'll let you know how it goes.

I haven't posted here since the GoT finale (to sum up - I can't believe we're going to have to wait two years for the rest of the story). Here are some links. First, Pajiba points out all the really pretty scenes. And not totally unreleated, Vulture asks the really important question - were they supposed to be hot? And then, the fashion of Westeros. Dany's fut coat alone...

Finally, It premiers this weekend and my recent entry unearthed Stephen King feelings, so here's his films, ranked. And sorry Uncle Stevie, but I gotta agree with the brilliance of Kubrick's The Shining. Forget top King adaptations or horror films, it's on my top film list, period.